About Us

The Special Welfare Organization (SWO) is located in Khyber Paktunkhwa region of Pakistan. It is founded and operated by Muhammad Hussain Shah, who is a wheelchair user from a spinal cord injury. Upon receiving a donation, it provides sewing machines, egg laying hens,  wheelchairs and medical supplies to the disabled in the local mountainous region. The goal of SWO is to make people with disabilities as independent and self-sufficient as possible by providing them the means to do so.

WhatsApp  + 92 345 2709296

One of the few self-employment options for wheelchair users with full hand function is as a clothing tailor. SWO can provide a sewing machine and training to enable a qualified person to work as a tailor.  A hand operated sewing machine costs $50-$75.

For people without hand function (such as quadriplegics) SWO provides 50 egg laying hens. These hens provide life saving food and income. It costs $250 to purchase the chickens and provide the chicken coop.

Due to the extreme poverty in rural areas, many people who need wheelchairs don’t have them.  SWO purchases and provides wheelchairs to people in need.

Medical supplies are expensive and difficult to obtain in rural Pakistan.  Whenever possible, the SWO provides medical supplies to people with disabilities.

Please support the work of the Special Welfare Organization helping people with disabilities in rural Pakistan by making a donation.

Help us assist people in need.

The Special Welfare Organization  (SWO) is a fledgling organization. We need your support to reach the many people in need.