Providing Wheelchairs

When a donation is received, Muhammad makes the long journey to the city of Rawalpindi to purchase new wheelchairs. He brings them back to deliver to people in need. The wheelchairs in these photos are the only type currently available.

 These wheelchair cost $60 apiece. They come new in a box. This style of wheelchair is not appropriate for the rough terrain of Pakistan, but they are all that are available.

When possible, Muhammad also delivers medical supplies to people in his local area. Typically, medical supplies are not locally available. Therefore, Muhammad must travel to the nearest city to purchase the items.


The following videos shows a recent wheelchair delivery by Muhammad.

Making Wheelchairs

Man in a wooden wheelchair.

Due to the extreme shortage of appropriate wheelchairs in Pakistan, Muhammad has begun making them.  He has started making them out of wood. He is also hoping to obtain sponsorship to obtain a welding machine in order to make metal wheelchairs. 

Trike Wheelchair


This wheelchair is Muhammad’s modification of the original wheelchair design. It uses the two front caster style instead of a single Trike Wheel.