Muhammad Hussain Shah

Man sitting in a wheelchair.

Muhammad lives in his parents’ home in a poor and mountainous region of Khyber Paktunkhwa, Pakistan. He is the eldest son of nine children.  Several years ago, he was working as a laborer, when the roof of the building where he was working collapsed and his spinal cord was injured. He is now a full time wheelchair user.

Muhammad learned to sew and now works as a tailor. But his true passion is helping others with disabilities. He created the Special Welfare Organization to help his “brothers and sisters” in need. 

Literally living on a mountain top, Muhammad has to make a five kilometer journey on a rough mountain path to get to the nearest road. Next, he must take a rickshaw to get to the nearest city. Despite the difficultly of this trip, Muhammad does it frequently in order to help people with disabilities in his area.

Along with providing sewing machines, wheelchairs, and medical supplies, Muhammad teaches people with disabilities how to better care for themselves and to learn life skills.

Muhammad asks for your support to help him with his cause to serve people with disabilities in his area through the Special Welfare Organization.